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Our conferences

Educational activities for the uninitiated, aimed at digital empowerement and privacy

Understanding the digital world

To address the cultural domination of the web giants, it is necessary to look critically at widespread digital surveillance and at the monetization of our private lives.

We believe that another digital ecosystem is possible, off the beaten track, away from the GAFAM. An ecosystem mode of empowering, protective tools, and of software that prioritizes your needs instead of the political and commercial interests of others.

By disseminating our knowledge, we guide uninitiated audiences towards a better understanding of digital issues.


We often cover the following topics:

Our previous conferences

Building bridges

The rise of digital alternatives that respect our freedoms will not happen without widespread awareness, which we cannot initiate alone: this is why we work in cooperation with other structures that advocate for the digital commons.

One of our goals is to connect institutions looking for ethical digital actors and educational structures that offer awareness activities.

Our guests

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Interested in our activities?

La Contre-Voie is a non-profit association: our goal is to promote ethics in the digital world to the general public.

We can intervene on request in places of learning: colleges, high schools, universities, mediatheques, youth organisations, third places… Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

If you appreciate our work, you can also donate or join the association.