La Contre-Voie

Formerly « 42l »

La Contre-Voie is a not-for-profit association promoting digital ethics, through awareness activities and the hosting of libre and open source services.

Our actions revolve around two themes:

Outreach activities

In order for digital technologies to remain a means of emancipation rather than a means of control, we wish to accompany you in its understanding.

As a non-profit community education organization, we host conferences upon invitation at various education facilities in order to present those issues.

We also host self-defense workshops against Internet tracking and various hands-on activities that will help you regain control over your privacy.

Finally, we organize digital mediation activities, screenings, debates and booths at conventions throughout France.

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Free/Libre services

Alone, doing without the GAFAM services can feel overwhelming.

This is why we offer free/libre and open‑source alternative tools. We participate in a software ecosystem that does not monetize your privacy for advertising purposes.

In our effort to decentralize the Internet, we are also members of the CHATONS, a collective of structures offering free, alternative online services.

Most of our tools are openly available. Others, more ressource-intensive, are members-only.

Our goal: an inclusive, resilient and empowering digital network

Through the monetization of our personal data, the web giants are turning Internet into a large shopping mall of which we are the products.

Yet, the digital world is made of societal choices : today a mean of surveillance, it can become a means for emancipation and resistance, and help us automate tedious tasks, at the service of human beings and the general interest.

Another digital world is possible and we wish, through our actions, to make it known as many people as possible.

And to achieve this: we need you.

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We need your help

Progress bar of the 2023 funding campaign

Current amount: 4247 euros — Goal: 4800 euros

Goodies sale

The funds raised through the sale of goodies, mostly from t-shirts. The collected funds are directly used to cover our expenses.

2568 euros


Donations from individuals or companies received this year.

699 euros


The total of our members’ annual membership fees

680 euros


The financial contribution we ask from organizations that invites us for awareness activities.

300 euros

88 %
Last update

2023 estimated budget

Here’s how we use your donations.

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  • Expenses incurred in printing T-shirts to be sold at our booths and on En Vente Libre. This is far from being our main activity, but it helps us to stay afloat financially.
  • Expenditure on other communication tools: goodies, flyers, stickers…
  • The budget dedicated to the reimbursement of expenses related to the travel of our speakers, whether they are members of the association or external people that we bring in for our activities. These costs may also include the cost of lodging and food for our speakers when they travel.
  • This category includes the association’s banking and insurance fees.
  • Expenses related to technical infrastructure maintenance: domain name rental, possible server rental… May also include the purchase of computer equipment.
  • Miscellaneous expenses, mainly covering expenses in food and drinks for our activities.
  • The donations made by La Contre-Voie to other associations with a similar purpose.
  • This year, we would like to invest on audio and video recording equipment in order to gain independence on recording our conferences.

This estimated budget has been approved by the 2023 annual General Assembly.

2022 moral report2022 financial report

Why support la Contre-Voie ?

For digital commons education

Thanks to your donations, we conduct outreach activities to promote the use of emancipating digital technologies that will not sell your data.

To guarantee our independence

Financing us through donations allows us to depend less on public subsidies to exist, which protects our editorial freedom.

To face the GAFAM

Your donations allow us to cover the operating costs of our servers, which host alternative services to the web giants.

For an alternative society model

To prove that small structures like ours can develop without entering into a capitalist logic, where economic interests take precedence over the general interest.

To contribute to the commons

The works of La Contre-Voie are free and open-source, they can be reused by other people or organizations.

Tax deductible donations

In France, donations to La Contre-Voie are tax deductible at 66%: if you pay taxes, a €30 donation will only cost you €10.

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