What is a DNS query?

What is a DNS query?

Whenever your device needs to connect to a server on the Internet, it needs to turn a domain name into a string of numbers called an IP address.

To do this, it sends a DNS request, usually to your Internet service provider (ISP), without you noticing.

Weaknesses of the DNS

Weaknesses of the DNS

The problem is that DNS queries can be censored by your ISP, either at the behest of the government or at its discretion.

Your ISP can also look at all your DNS queries to see which sites you visit and analyse your online behaviour and habits.

Circumventing censorship

Circumventing censorship

With our DoH (DNS-over-HTTPS) service, you can encrypt your DNS queries to prevent your ISP from viewing or modifying them.

On our side, we receive your requests, decrypt them, resolve them ourselves and send you the answer to your request in encrypted form.

Easy to install

Once the service is installed, you don’t have anything else to do: your requests will be automatically processed by our service, no further configuration is required.

Our commitments

We do not apply any form of censorship to DNS requests.

We do not store the content of your requests: we limit ourselves to connection logs that we delete after 14 days.

It's a free service

This service is available free of charge and without registration.

By using it, you accept our Terms of Use without condition.

Follow this simple guide to configure DoH on your device, depending on your browser.

Configure DoH

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