Create mailboxes at will

Create mailboxes at will

Tired of Gmail and Outlook? We’ve got just what you need.

On the Internet, each person has an average of two mailboxes. With our service, create as many mailboxes as you want.

Aliases to protect your privacy

Aliases to protect your privacy

An alias is an address that redirects your mail to another address. Using them prevents you from giving your real addresses to anyone.

You receive spam from one of your aliases? Delete it with one click.

Use your domain name

By default we offer three domain names:, and

You can also use your own domain name : we will help you to configure it to make it work with our service.

Let's redecentralize mail

The mail protocol was designed to work with a federation of servers, without any authority or central point.

Yet there are only two international leaders, which centralize and store everyone’s correspondence indefinitely: Gmail and Outlook. You can help change that.

Service reserved to our members

For disk storage reasons, this service is only available to our members.

To become a member of the association, click here.

By using it, you accept our Terms of Use without condition.

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We maintain this service for you

This service is maintained by La Contre-Voie, a non-profit association recognized of general interest. We ensure daily the proper functioning of this service.

However, we don’t have the financial resources of Google (we do not sell your data!) and if most of our services are free for you, they are not for us: their maintenance requires a personal and financial investment.

We cannot survive without your support. To help us, you can make a donation or join the association.