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Ready to delete your Google account?

It may seem difficult, but it is not impossible as long as there are alternatives.

That’s good news: we host a range of alternative digital tools to help you get away from the web giants and protect you from their constant tracking of your Internet browsing.

Using our services may take some time to get used to them, but you’ll regain free will and control over your personal data.

Let’s regain our digital autonomy!

We don't take you for a fool

On our services, you will find no advertising, no trackers, no cookie banners, because we do not sell your data: we therefore have no interest in analysing your behaviour. To finance us, we accept donations, memberships and public grants.

Our approach is in line with the initiative of Framasoft and the CHATONS, aiming at developing alternatives to surveillance capitalism through the emergence of a resilient network of many small structures.

Take back control of your data

The tools we offer are entirely free and open-source: their code can be consulted publicly, in complete transparency. This is a guarantee of trust, because the software can be audited by developers.

For our part, we store as little data as possible and we do not claim any property rights over it: your data belongs to you and we make sure that you can leave whenever you want if you wish.

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Logo of the association La Contre-Voie

Help us protect your freedom

Most of our services may be free for you, but human time and our technical infrastructure have a real cost.

La Contre-Voie is a non-profit association that lives essentially on your donations, contributions or grants. Our services need daily maintenance to ensure their proper functioning.

Your contribution is essential to guarantee the survival of the association. To support us, you can join the association or make a donation.

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Discover other services

If you don’t find what you’re looking for here, don’t hesitate to look at the CHATONS, a group of hosts of which we belong to. You may find there the service you are looking for.

Each CHATONS has its own services and its own governance. If you wish to leave our services one day, other CHATONS structures will be able to welcome you!

Finally, if you are geographically close to a CHATONS, see if it is possible to physically meet the people who run it in order to build trust with the people who host your data!

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For advanced users

Want to get your hands dirty? Check out our documentation and host your own services at home!