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Our booths

To reclaim the world with stickers!

The secret weapon of the libre community!

Ta-dam! To overturn surveillance capitalism, we found the solution: spread stickers to stick everywhere. On your desk, your smartphone, your computer, your cat… (Not your cat.)

You might see one of our booths at various conventions.

These stickers are accompanied by many flyers to explain you the dangers of DRM or how to ungoogle your phone. Otherwise, you can also ask the people running the booth directly, they don’t bite.

We receive this material without compensation and we have no commercial link with these structures. If you want to send us some for display, please contact us!

We also sell tee-shirts that you can find on En Vente Libre.

Our contributors

Pictures of our booths

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Logo of the association La Contre-Voie

Interested in our activities?

La Contre-Voie is a non-profit association: our goal is to promote ethics in the digital world to the general public.

We can intervene on request in places of learning: colleges, high schools, universities, mediatheques, youth organisations, third places… Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

If you appreciate our work, you can also donate or join the association.